Duck Works Lawn Care

Our Services:

Grass Cutting

Grass cutting is our main service. We have created a routine and have qualified employees to make sure your grass is cut to your plan. You choose 1 of 3 options

1. Weekly - recommended for best quality.

2. Every 2 weeks - this is purely maintenance to keep yard looking decent.

3. 10 days rotation - When 1 week is too much and 2 weeks isn’t enough!

Landscape Maintenance.

This area is for those with flower beds that need maintained. We can work with any and all budgets with this area. Monthly maintenance is recommended. Spring Clean Ups and Fall clean ups are necessary to maintain a healthy flower bed.

thing to do in Your flower bed:

  1. Spring Clean Up - remove leafs and weeds.

  2. Pull weeds - monthly or as needed

  3. Mulch flower bed - once a year

  4. Add Pre-Emergent - 2-3 times per year

  5. Trim Bushes - 2 times per year or as needed

  6. Remove dead plants and replace with new.

  7. Fall Clean Up - remove leafs and weeds

Lawn Service

  1. Pre- Emergent - Important for keeping lawn weeds in lawns.

  2. Post Emergent - Import for killing remaining weeds in lawns.

  3. Fertilize - Important in maintaining a healthy lawn for long term success.

  4. Lawn Repair - As needed for a mature lawn.

  5. Aerate - Helping your grass breath by breaking the soil.

  6. Soil Test - When and where needed based on grass growing conditions and problems.

Power Washing

Power washing not only makes your home look good but it is good for the health of your home. Maintaining a clean look is important for the neighborhood.

 Landscape Installs

We offer a wide variety of landscaping options. We have experience with it all. From your simple stepping stones through grass, to patios, to retaining walls, to water falls, we can do it all.

  1. Retaining Walls

  2. Patios

  3. Flower Bed Edging

  4. Water Falls

  5. New Landscape installs

  6. New plantings

  7. Landscape remodels